Corporate Social Responsibility.

As a local business with international ambitions ATZ has built close ties with the local communities and have a longstanding approach to investing in these communities through our Corporate Social Responsibility programmes. Our charitable contributions gives us direction to grow ,develop, deliver, assess  and monitor community investment programmes with the aim of achieving sustainable agricultural methods in  rural communities to development and Empower. In 2019, we invested a total of more than $USD150 000 to education, sports galas, reforestation among other projects.

ATZ is outstanding in ploughing back to the communities. Financial sponsorship of the Zimbabwe Agricultural Show 2019, police walkathons and the Zimbabwe Republic Police patrol unit among other corporate sponsorships has been the trademark in the day to day running’s of Aqua Tobacco. Furthermore ATZ we have been active in the rural communities by sponsoring sports Galas for both men and women. In 2019 a total of more than 20 sports galas have been executed in schools across the country so far. Sports kits, tree projects, building material and cash are the part of the donations that have been given by ATZ to the communities.

  • 300 bags of cement
  • 100 pupils paid for school fees.
  • Stationery
  • Computers

We as ATZ have been paying school fees for 5 different pupils per every hosting school. A minimum of 20 galas are executed in tobacco growing areas, therefore paying school fees for a minimum of 100 primary school pupils annually from grade 5 to grade 7

We specifically target disadvantaged schools for hosting the event. The schools receive building material ranging from cement, paints, fence, stationery and roofing material. Need assessment exercise is done by a team of ATZ assessors on the school to be hosting and gives recommendations . E.g. Gota primary school in Guruve received building material and computers for the pupils.

We are ATZ instrumental in re assuring that the environment is made sustainable by supporting reforestation programs. ATZ has partnered with Friends of Environment and has currently engaged schools in Shamva for the plantation of over 5000 gum trees this 2019.

Our passion is to sincerely acquire excelling performance, cultivating the next generation of leaders, valuing of our employees; promoting entrepreneurial abilities; and creating a homely culture where individuals become one unit to be successful.

Staff recruitment is done internally and externally. Continuously we believe in uniting a team who will actively provide additional tobacco skills that will strengthen our organisation as a whole.

Our company motto ‘Arima ne ATZ aita mari’ – has a strong presence across the country social media channels, radio and television.

We also pride ourselves in providing a safety first policy which protects, our employees well-being and taking into consideration to their perspectives on how to move the company forward. This helps our employees commit to their duties responsibly as there is a high safety rate per annum.