Threshed Lamina / Strips

The process takes place when the raw leaf is cut away from the stem (Threshing). The threshed lamina (strips) is then blended. Specifications such as chemistry requirements (sugars and nicotine) are determined as per customer need. Kraft paper or C48 200kg  are ideal for packing the strips.

Cut Rags

Fine strips are cut of the tobacco for the use of cigarettes.  Depending on customer requirements and specifications, the cut rag is blended with contrasting stems, strips and fines. Recommended for packaging is the polyliner and C30 30kg.

Tobacco Stems

The stem is a by -product of the green leaf processing.  A mid rib of the tobacco leaf, the stems are packaged in C48 cartons with craft paper top and bottom. Long and short stems will be of preference to the customer based on specifications.

Tobacco Fines

These are by products of the green leaf processing. These are very small fine tobacco particles of sizes 1/8” or 1/16” which are packed in C48 160kg in polyliner.